The Maker

Nice Custom Goods was born from a desire to own a well made, leather belt. Discovering that most belts were poorly made, Tyler Newberry set out to make a real belt that would last a lifetime. He made one, which he still wears to this day. His friends wanted one, too.

Belts were just the start, though. Having inherited his grandfather’s tools, he had an epiphany – “I want to buy, or make, the kinds of things that my grandkids will want to inherit.” Useful things. Things you can carry into the woods, or the office. Ordinary things that will last.

Tyler is known for the items you see here, but there are many more. If you have a need for custom made, one-of-a-kind piece, do not hesitate to start the conversation. He has made something to fit just about any request, from playing card cases for magicians, to vintage guitar straps.

Nice Custom Goods is based in South Houston, Texas. Tyler Newberry has three, custom-made children with his wife, Leslianne.

T. Newberry